The objectives of the Remembrance Foundation Poland are:

  • To remember those who perished during the Holocaust and the mass murders of World war II, to pay tribute to the courage of those who survived the Holocaust and to educate the new generation of bearers and witnesses of their memories and their testimonies.


  • To recognize and learn from the altruistic actions of the “Righteous among the nations”, who teach next generations to never be a bystander in the face of oppression.


  • To honor the heroic veterans of WWII who fought to liberate Europe from the hands of Nazi tyranny.


  • To reach out and to engage young people, young adults, students and adults from Europe and from all over the World to come to Poland and to participate in activities and especially those of the March of the Living, aiming to draw the lessons of the tragedies of the Past and the horrendous consequences of the Holocaust, to act on the Present in order to build a Better Future


  • To inspire participants in the Foundation activities to commit to the building a world free of oppression and intolerance, a world of freedom, democracy and justice, for all members of the human family, and to enhance their civic engagement and social responsibility to act on the Present and to combat all forms of Racism, Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism


  • to especially mobilise and engage European young people and educators in joint efforts to prevent and combat antisemitism and to increase public awareness about the threats of anti-Semitism and its consequences, reflecting the tragedies of the past and the present experiences.


  • To reach out of the pan European coalition of committed organisations through improved support for the Foundation partners including mutual learning and knowledge sharing based on the experiences of the March of Living and other mass scale activities.


  • To help building efficient cross border cooperation and multiagency partnerships to promote effective dialog among various stakeholders and to contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of best European practices in preventing and fighting existing and emerging new forms of antisemitism, racism and racial bigotry.


  • To promote research and analysis of the Historical Heritage of Europe and Worldwide


  • To promote the basic and core values of Tolerance, Democracy and Peace and to foster Inter-religious dialogue and understanding between the Peoples


  • to reach out and engage young Europeans to ensure the transmission to their generation of European Historical Memory and Cultural Heritage, and to take action for free access to information, cultural and historical education, in particular History and Culture of Jews in Poland, 


  • to support the social activity of citizens in finding, saving from destruction and oblivion cultural artifacts and traditions , in protecting and preserving cultural property and cultural heritage in Poland, in particular the material and non-material heritage of the Jewish community,


  • to create or promote educational programs about cultural heritage and history aimed at improving the knowledge of young generations,


  • to increase the social level of knowledge about Holocaust and tragedies of the Past, and to improve the quality of Holocaust and civil education,


  • to gather around the idea of​ the Foundation a wide group of historians, creators, artists, scholars, volunteers and activists in the country and abroad, to help with the
    • creation of social and educational programs, aimed at promoting culture, art, national and community heritage, as well as:
    • maintaining the national and community tradition, and developing national, civic and cultural awareness,


  • promoting and supporting culture, art, protection of cultural artifacts and traditions, conducting cultural activities.